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Why Is Prom Such an Important Event in the Minds of Many
High Schoolers & What Do Limos Have to Do with It?
Every country comes with its own set of cultural customs, reasons, and practices. The U.S. is known for traditions that are barely practiced anywhere in the world in the same manner as they are in the U.S.
A Tourist Explained It: Why Booking a Limo in Chicago Is The Best Thing You Can Do
Are you one of those people who’d rather stay zen at home than fight big traffic jams, rush hours, and all the city craze? Ah, tough luck. If you want to live (large), you need to deal with all things Chicago is about, no matter how annoying those aspects can be.
Wedding Limo Chicago: Why, Where and How to Book?
So, the day has come, and you and your loved one are on the way to do you-know-what (say “Yes” to each other, right!). You feel great, you look great, your limo’s all comfy and luxurious… but, how’s everyone else getting to the chapel?
4 Reasons Why Limo Rental Will Be Your Best Decision of 2019
You’ve worked hard all throughout 2018, but how much of all that time did you really spend on treating yourself right? Yeah, the tempo of modern life is literally insane, but you have to find time for yourself and take advantage of every timesaver life so casually throws your way! As plenty of
Who Needs LA or NYC? Why Chicago Should be Your Next City
What’s so great about Chicago that you want to skip LA and NYC for it? Well, everything… kind of. While officially America’s second city, the Windy City has got a range of first-rate attractions that’ll amaze you on all fronts. Think superb architecture, world-class museums,
The Top Tourist Attraction of Chicago
The Top Tourist Attraction of Chicago - American Coach Limousine
Where should a tourist start their sightseeing tour in the city of Chicago? It is no wonder that many would suggest Millennium Park as top tourist attraction. You know all those photos with a giant chrome bean you see people posting from the Windy City? Well, this is the place, but photo shooting is
Travel to the Notre Dame Games with
American Coach Limousine
Travel to the Notre Dame Games with American Coach Limousine
The Notre Dame Games is a super fun event you definitely want to be part of. It starts with a massively popular tailgate party that takes place before the game, so people flock there early. And once the game is over, they head back to Chicago to party on. Choose the mode of transportation that [&hel
How to Keep Your Cool When Flying to or From O’Hare?
How to Keep Your Cool When Flying to or From O'Hare? - American Coach Limousine
If you’ve ever flown to or from Chicago O’Hare International (ORD), you don’t need any reports to tell you it’s one of the busiest airports in the world – you’ve experienced that first hand. What to do to make traveling easier and more convenient, how to stay cool and calm?
Stunning Views of the City of Chicago
Stunning Views of the City of Chicago Skyline - American Coach Limousine
When traveling to city of Chicago or if you are staying there, make sure you don’t miss to experience breathtaking views of the spectacular city’s skyline and Lake Michigan. There are two great spots to do just that and they are a mile and a half away from each other.
A Photo Booth Can Make Wedding Memories Last
Photo Booth - American Coach Limousine
Several companies have proprietary equipment and printers for event rental Photo Booth which will simultaneously print and post guests’ pictures to Twitter or Instagram.