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Why Book a Limo&Bus Rental in Chicago for Your Halloween Party

Dear Chicagoans, do you have your costumes prepared? Ready to get spooky? Excellent! It’s a well-known fact that Americans adore Halloween. Scary decoration, pumpkin carving, fun costumes, and candies are just the tip of the iceberg. While children love Halloween because of trick-or-treating, for adults, it is just a nice opportunity to make costumes and go back to their childhood for at least one night a year. Stores all over America try to impress the locals and tourists with their decorations as if it was already Xmas. Chicago is no exception. What’s also noticeable is the great number of Halloween themed parties that include creepy decor with lots of spiders, fake blood, etc., food made to look nasty and scary as well as spooky costumes.