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Prom Safety

A study by Visa Credit Company found that the average family will spend $978 dollars on Prom this year.

The Michigan Department of Transportation put out a great YouTube video pointing out great safety features when shopping for a prom limo service. Although not in Illinois, it raises good points.

Here are the main four:

One: do not focus on price. Focus on quality.

Two: Get to know the Limo company — Check company reviews online, find out the owner’s policies, make sure all their vehicles and drivers, pass state requirements for official Chauffeur Licnese.

Three: See current vehicle inspection form and see Chauffeur’s license upon arrival.

Four: Check company’s policy, isnurance and liability for ‘no-shows’ and/or break downs, just in case.

The story also incorporates #SmartLimo as a hashtag to continue this conversation on Social Media. What a cool idea.

The best time to book a flight

Is 54 days really the best time to book a flight?

Travel experts claim that the window is so wide on when the best fares are available and so dependent on the destination and time of booking that publishing a single hard-and-fast timeline is misleading for the general public.

So when is the best time to book a flight? One travel site dug through the data and has an answer for us: 54 days in advance — except there are plenty of caveats.

Airlines use sophisticated computer programs to analyze booking trends and constantly change prices to get the most money out of each flight. That’s why two passengers in the same row might have paid vastly different fares, depending on when they booked. Complicating matters is a bevy of fees added to help the airlines offset higher jet fuel prices.

That’s why booking at the right time is so much more important today. The average cost of a roundtrip domestic ticket — including baggage and reservation change fees — grew to $378.62 from $351.48 in the last five years, when adjusted for inflation.

That brings the estimation to 54 days.